Data Science aims to turn data into an intelligent action lever to create value. At the heart of innovation and applying without limits to all sectors of activity, it mainly encompasses the know-how of four major disciplines: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Statistics, data preparation.

Leveraging Big Data, it helps to explain, predict and automate. Data Science is finally making it possible to exploit the oil of the 21st century: Data.




This Data Science offer is intended for the retail, e-commerce, retail, B2C and B2B sectors.

It increases your customer knowledge, your point of sale knowledge and your product knowledge. It aims to put in place everything you need for the success of your marketing and your Business.


This Data Science offer is intended for the Banking, Insurance, Mutuals and Finance sectors. It is oriented towards risk management. It allows you to implement all that is needed in the identification, determination, prediction and prediction of risks.

Philjohn Tech covers the complete scope of the activities that make up Data Science