At Philjohn Technologies, the principles and rules of ethics are an integral part of the values ​​that the company promotes towards its employees, customers, suppliers, partners and shareholders. In addition to respecting the laws in force in each of its host countries, the Group stresses principles applicable everywhere and by all.

Relationships with customers, suppliers and partners

Employees at all levels of the company and regardless of their position, ensure the respect of transparency and ethics in their relations with third parties. Loyalty, integrity and impartiality are principles applied by everyone who refuses to solicit or grant any form of benefits, direct or indirect, to natural or legal persons in the exercise of his function and profession. Employees refrain from any form of unlawful action under the law and refuse to participate in acts of corruption or fraud.

Protection of resources

Every employee ensures the protection and respect of the Group’s intellectual property. The information relating to the projects, the know-how of any nature to which it has access is used in all confidentiality. He ensures the proper use of these resources at his disposal and preserves their value by avoiding any abuse and waste.

Conflicts of interest

Every employee avoids any form of conflict in which his personal interests or the interests of his relatives are contrary to those of the company. Moreover, no action should be taken in the sense of preserving a personal interest. It complies with the regulations in force on the stock markets.

Image protection

With the development of networks and means of communication, the Group has defined a charter for the use of social networks whose objective is to ensure coherence and consistency, both from the point of view of ideas and modalities, of the speech of each collaborator towards the public.