Data storage represents the preservation of information using a technology specifically designed to preserve this data and make it available if necessary. To better help you store your data, PHILJOHN TECNOLOGIES refers to the use of recording media to store data using computers or other devices. The most common forms of data storage are file storage, block storage and object storage, with each solution being optimal for different purposes.


File storage

Inexpensive and simple process, the data is stored in files and folders. It is usually used on hard disks and means that the files look the same on the hard disk and for the user.

Block storage

The data is stored in blocks of uniform size. Although it is more expensive and complex and less scalable, block storage is ideal for frequently viewed and edited data.

Storing objects

The data is stored as objects, with unique metadata and identifiers. Although it is generally less expensive to store data in this way, object storage is ideal only for data that does not need to be modified.